Get back in shape after giving birth

It can definitely be hard to get back in shape after a pregnancy! The first three months after giving birth to my baby boy I was so busy with learning how to be a mom, so I only went for long walks with the stroller, which is definitely a good start. However after I began to get some serious back pains I knew I had to do more!

After three months my baby boy started gaining weight and I suddenly felt that I wasn’t able to carry him around due to some serious back pains! I contacted Lotte Arndal, the owner of Arndal Spa & Fitness, who recommended me to start with a physiotherapist who could help me with my back and then I could slowly start working out with a program specially made for me. I went to the physiotherapist at Arndal Spa & Fitness for around one month, which was definitely a big help! After getting my back more or less into shape, I started working out twice a week for one hour with a personal trainer. I still have a few baby kilos to loose and some shaping up before summer, but it’s amazing to feel more like yourself again.

Every pregnancy and delivery is different, so check with your doctor before engaging in any workout program after giving birth.

This post is made in collaboration with Arndal Spa & Fitness


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