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Phase 1 Set/GLOSSIER & Super Pure/GLOSSIER

I couldn’t be more excited about trying these beauty products! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on them for quite some time! The ‘super pure’ is for when your skin is feeling stressed and the three other products are perfect for everyday; ‘milky jelly cleanser’ – that removes makeup while cleansing the skin, ‘priming moisturizer’ – that hydrates while minimizing redness and ‘balm dotcom’ – that soothes dry and chafed skin!



Last week I stopped by my all time favorite hair stylist! I got my hair freshened up with a few light brown highlights, an Olaplex treatment to prevent damages and a cut!

Olaplex is a product that prevents damage to your hair when getting chemical treatments – it makes the color last longer and leaves the hair with a fresh and shiny look. Just what my hair needed!

Hair by Tanja Isabel Larsen at Gun-Britt Coiffure, Ny Østergade 23, 1101 Copenhagen, Denmark



Rose Hip Glycolic Cleanser/LING, Triple Action Exfoliator/LING, Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask/LING, Dual Moisture Emulsion/LING, Oxygen Plama Glow/LING, Oxygen Plasma Postion/LING

Around two months ago I treated myself with a 1.5 hour long facial treatment by Nanna Miliaras from Dollface! She used beauty products from LING, which are known for offering the most effective skin care ever to treat wrinkles, acne and fine lines – while effectively reducing the skin’s natural aging mark. My skin felt amazing afterwards – with not much sleep this past year, this was much needed! I decided to try the LING Skin Care products at home and went for these six products, selected to match my skin!

Rose Hip Glycolic Cleanser – which gradually exfoliates and cleanses the skin.

Triple Action Exfoliator & Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask – which purifies & renews the skin.

Dual Moisture Emulsion – which softens the skin with a nourishing Squalane Oil.

Oxygen Plasma Postion – which helps your skin appear radiant and youthful.

Oxygen Plama Glow – A reviving lotion suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive & tired skin.

You can read more about LING skin care here or treat yourself with a 1.5 hour long LING treatment here!