After a lot of sunny days in LA, my hair definitely needed to be freshened up! So last week I stopped by my favorite hair salon, Gun-Britt Coiffure, where I got a few natural brown stripes on the top and a great blow-dry - wouldn't mind having my hair like this everyday!

Hair by Gun-Britt Coiffure, Ny Østergade 23, 1101 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Three new products to protect my skin! A non-greasy, quick drying sunscreen with a sheer matte finish, a lightweight lotion to help protect and repair all skin types and a sunscreen with all-angle spray to create even coverage for the entire face and body!

Oclipse Daily Sheer SPF 50, Ossential Daily Power defense & Oclipse Sun Spray SPF 50/ZO SKIN HEALTH


A fresh summer fragrance from one of my favorite French beauty brands, Caudalíe! This scent "carries you to a summer garden at the heart of the vineyards..." - this sounds great to me!

Eau des Vignes – Eau Fraiche Fresh Fragrance/CAUDALÌE


After almost 10 years of Brazilian wax by the very best, Lillie Gitte Østergaard from Dollface, she recently introduced me to these two products! The Perfect V is a series of eight products designed for women to create a perfect "V".

Beauty Cream/THE PERFECT V & Beauty Serum/THE PERFECT V

As Lillie says in the interview, why has this not been done before! Just as you treat your face with cleansing forms, masks, creams and so on, this series of products that refreshes and boosts your skin at the ”V” area. It’s great to use all year around, but especially during summertime when your bikini line is most visible. I have used these two products for almost two weeks now on my vacation, and I must admit that I can see a remarkable change!

Read more about these amazing products right here!


This summer I'm going all in with sun care products to protect my hair as well as my skin! These three sun care products are amazing! They protect against sun, salt and chlorine damage and has a really calming scent of organic neroli, ylang ylang, cistus and flower/plant essences.

Sun Care Protective hair veil, Sun Care Hair and body cleanser & Sun Care After-sun hair masque/AVEDA