New Year’s Evening

The last day of the year always ends up being pretty emotional. For me 2017 has been by far the most rewarding, yet the most challenging year. I graduated from university with honours and was asked to join the most talented STYLEBY team. On the other hand, I fell sick in the spring which is why I am still going through the toughest battle of my life.

Anyhow, I hope 2018 will be full of life and many unforgettable experiences. Love that you strangers continue to hang there and read my entries. It means the world to me and pushes me forward. Happy New Year! xx

`Masella´ blazer TOTÊME, t-shirt COS, ´Slinky´ skirt FILIPPA K

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4 svar till “New Year’s Evening

  1. Lucia skriver:

    Your blog is gorgeous! I check it almost everyday. I hope 2018 will be full of success, travels, good design & fashion for You!

  2. Hannas Journal skriver:

    Thank you Lucia! xx
    Hopefully your 2018 is going to look similar 😉

  3. Margarida skriver:

    Your blog is pretty inspiring! I love your aesthetic concept! Happy New Year 🙂

    1. Hannas Journal skriver:

      Thank you, so nice to hear Margarida.
      All the best for 2018! xx


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