Beauty Essentials


Everyone who has followed me for some time knows I am addicted to ´Blue Beauty Drops´, an essential facial oil by RAAW IN A JAR. I’ve been using it for one and half years 3-4 times a week to nourish my skin. It is the best facial oil in my opinion, and having had the pleasure to meet one of the women behind the brand and experience the effort and love they’ve put into these products, I am only more convinced.

I’ve recently added NUORI’s `Vital Foaming Cleanser´to my daily routine. It is also made of 100% natural ingredients and smells divine. My pro-tip is to use a cleanser twice; firstly, to remove make-up and then to actually cleanse the skin before using pure rosewater as a toner. Just something that works for me.

´Vital Foaming Cleanser´ NUORI, ´Blue Beauty Drops´ RAAW IN A JAR

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Beauty Wish List

A selection of beauty products I am lusting after – still looking forward to the day GLOSSIER ships to Europe. I cannot wait until I get to test their new `Body Hero´ oil wash as well as the sunscreen (love this interview btw). The Body Hero campaign is pretty kick-ass!

leather travel perfume case BYREDO, ´Mojave Ghost´ perfumed oil roll-on BYREDO, conditioner RAHUA, luxury face oil RODIN, ´Cloud Collection´ perfume ZARKOPERFUME, ´Blue Tansy´mask HERBIVORE, gentle cleansing cream JOELLE CIOCCO, ´Body Hero´ daily oil wash GLOSSIER, ´Raw Coconut´ cream RMS BEAUTY, enzyme peel SUSANNE KAUFMANN

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Beauty Essentials


VERSO’s `Reviving Eye Mask´ is a beauty product that had been on my wish list for a long time. After a summer full of social engagements I am not feeling the best version of myself, so during the hectic days at Stockholm Fashion Week I finally decided tests these eye masks (just to fake I had not had any drinks between the shows) – and I could not recommend them more.

reviving eye mask VERSO

Jurlique Beauty & Style Feature

One of my go-to natural skin care brands, Jurlique, has recently launched a blog where they share skin care tips and tell more about their amazing products. I was asked to guest contribute with my favorite fashion trends of the season, and to tell more about my skin care routine and philosophy, and personal style. Unfortunately the feature is in Finnish, but you can try to use google translate or let the pictures speak for themselves. You can read the feature here.


lip balm RODIN, revitalising aromatherapy mist JURLIQUE, sunglasses CÈLINE

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Beauty Wish List

It is so difficult to find the right beauty products, I guess it is an ever-lasting battle, and therefore I’ve been over the moon every time I’ve discovered a gem like Raaw in a jar – you just know when a product makes the magic happen. I am about to restock on their Blue Beauty Drops, and at the same time I want to test their Plankton Enzyme Cream which seams to have a lot of potential. This year it is going to be all about discovering the best special treatments such as hair and facial masks to give my beauty routines a much needed boost. I’ve recently been consulted by friends, who work in the industry, including Eevaleena Liedes who recommends a few products to treat my hair: Luxeoil Keratin Restore Mask from Wella, which I purchased today, and Penetraitt Repair-Masque from Sebastian Professional. I cannot wait to see what they do to my hair, and I also need to invest in a good quality hair brush – having done some research the only option seems to be a bristle brush from Maison Pearson. Would any of you recommend it? Otherwise I am interested in Nuori and Glossier, and I am currently collaborating with Jurlique, which is a natural skincare brand from Australia, and one that I would highly recommend – I am going to share my favourite beauty products from their selection in the meantime.

pocket comb BYREDO, penetraitt hair repair-masque SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL,  hydra beauty micro sérum CHANEL, ‘Balm Dotcom’ universal skin salve GLOSSIER, foaming cleanser VERSO, ‘Mojave Ghost’ perfumed oil roll-on BYREDO, supreme moisture mask NUORI, plankton enzyme creme RAAW IN A JAR, bristle pocket brush MAISON PEARSON

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