Chic Ladies: Tina Lundin


Tina in Céline & during NYFW.

Tina Lundin is one of my dearest fashion partners-in-crime and a STYLEBY blogger colleague. She runs Let Them Wear Shoes aka @l_t_w_s_ , a platform known for a coveted collection all things Céline, shoes in particular! I mean, if I buy pretty deeply into Totême, it is no comparison to her devotion. But lets hear from this Gothenburg native – as told by Tina:

Tell me about your style and favourite brands.

I guess you could say that my style is part minimalist but never plain – I always like to give it a twist. I think my choices can be quite edgy and I love to draw inspiration from menswear. A few years ago my style was black, white and grey but that has changed a lot over the last couple of years.


Tina in the dreamy blanket from Céline’s AW17 collection.

What are you going to buy next?

I know exactly what my next purchases are… I’ve known since October when I placed my preorder at Céline’s showroom in Paris. It’s a yellow pleated skirt, a sleeveless grey blazer and a pink oversized suit. There might be a pair of shoes in there somewhere, I mean, as it turns out, one can’t have too many shoes, right?

What’s your survival plan after Phoebe Philo departs Céline?

Phoebe leaving Céline is devastating, if you ask me – what she’s doing at Céline really pushes all the right buttons with me. I love how it feels when I wear designs. It’s hard to put into words but ”empowering” is definitely a word that comes to mind. Right now I don’t really know what could replace Phoebe’s Céline for me but I guess time will tell. I’m lucky to have built a fairly good archive over the years and I will treasure it dearly.


Tina in Céline & Calvin Klein with the ‘Nina’ bag from Gabriela Hearst.

Which are your beauty and skincare favourites?

I’m obsessed with my Le Mer moisturisers – it’s pricey but you get what you pay for. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup but I’m a big fan of Glossier’s ‘Skin Tint’ and ‘Boy Brow’.

How do you detox?

Well, where do I begin… I’m a firm believer in beauty starts from within, so ”be kind to your body” is my motto and  ”drink plenty of water and exercise” is my foundation. I have a gluten-free, vegan diet and I try to stay away from refined sugar as much as I can. In fact, I try to steer clear of any processed foods as a rule and if I have a control over the situation, I’ll always gravitate towards the organic option. I don’t consume very much alcohol but I do love a glass of champagne on special occasions.


Hangs at Céline.

What are you favourite spots in Gothenburg?

Gothenburg is pretty vegan-friendly. One of my favourite places is to eat in this family-run Vietnamese restaurant called Vi Viet. They are 100% flexible when it comes to adapting a meal to my diet and the food is truly amazing… plus the family are some of the nicest and trendiest people you’ll come across. It wouldn’t be uncommon to bump into them in town decked head to toe in Balenciaga! In the summer time there’s nothing better than having a glass of champagne under the West Coat sun outside Antibarbarus on Hisingen.

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The Wet Hair


The Row delivered an impeccable collection but the big, small things matter as well – like art by Noguchi and the wet-look hair! In my opinion, this particular hairstyle looked so chic and added a careless vibe. There’s no point blow-drying your after a beach day this year. Just off you go, ladies!

Images via @olseninfluence

Chic Ladies: Linn Hägglund


Linn Hägglund is a stylist and creative consultant whose highly curated wardrobe choices have inspired me for several years. She has an ability to remain true to her chic, carefully though out style – I could not overstate how refreshing it is to see someone who continues to maintain a sense of integrity in everything she does. Earlier this year Linn styled Totême’s impeccable AW18 presentation and she currently divides her time between Stockholm and London. As told by Linn:

Tell me about your style and favourite brands?

My style is clean and subtle, and it’s important for me to always be comfortable no matter what. I wear the clothes, not the other way around. My daily uniform consists of Khaite denim, silk tops from Deitas, Céline cashmere sweaters and flats from Manolo Blahnik. I am lucky to work with a few of my favourite brands and grateful for being able to mix work with pleasure.


Does you personal style influence your work as a stylist?

Yes, it does. I always think of the big picture in many ways more like an art director. It’s important that the brand is the main focus, not the stuff I add for styling like shoes or accessories if the brand does not provide them.

What are you going yo buy next?

A new bathing suit from Eres, a voluminous cotton slip dress from Totême and a hat from Céline. I’m in a vacay mode!


´Original´ denim from Totême and heels from Manolo Blahnik.

Which are your favourite beauty or skincare products?

RMS Beauty or Mac for beauty. Filorga, Exuviance and La Mer for skincare products. I do facials every six weeks.

How do you detox?

I try to workout as much as possible. I do yoga, Becore and take long walks in Djurgården in Stockholm or Hyde Park if I’m in London. And I try to drink a lot of water which is hard to accomplish, though one of my New Year resolutions is to drink more water.


Linn in a dress from Deitas, bag from Gabriela Hearts & shoes from Manolo Blahnik.

What are your plans for the weekend?

I’m in Miami for a vacation, so the plans are to spend time with my family at the beach doing absolutely nothing.

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The Row AW18


The Row’s strong (lets just say to die for) collection was presented at their headquarters. It seems art is that lit backdrop which creates a chic context this season – the Olsen twins decorated the space with rarely seen art pieces by none other than Isamu Noguchi. Spot on!

But back to the collection. It is for the sharp, working woman who wants a well curated wardrobe that is understated and conveniently available. That is the Phoebe Philo approach, but since we will loose her chic wardrobe basics very soon, we can just agree on where to head next. I also fancy the boots which go straight to my infamous wish list!


View the rest of the collection here.

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Chic From New York


As I have done during the past few season, I will share with you some of my favourite looks from the major catwalks. Firstly, I must start with this look from Bottega Veneta. They made an exception this season by presenting the AW18 collection in New York, but oh-la-laa – can we just agree that Julia Stegner looks pretty spot on in this perfect weekend look!

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