At Home In Céline

A printed shirt from CÈLINE in action. Needed some inspiration earlier today while working from home, and to be fair, getting dressed in the right manner is my tip number one. A hint of colour also works in November.

printed shirt CÈLINE (old season)

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Me shot in my daily uniform by the talented Angelina Ilmast yesterday in Helsinki. As mentioned; I was wearing my favourite coat, bag, and shoes from years back. You can find her photography here.

´Chelsea´ coat TOTÊME, turtleneck sweater ZARA, denim TOTÊME, ankle boots SENSO, ´Ascot´ bag THE ROW, sunglasses CÈLINE

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Wardrobe Essentials


Just some accessories from my wardrobe which have been in rotation lately; the ´Edge´ sunnies whenever the weather permits and my old CHLOÈ bag reminding of the summer in the middle of winter. Still love it to the moon and back.

´Georgia´ bag CHLOÈ, ´Edge´ sunglasses CÈLINE, bracelet CÈLINE

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Snaps From Tallinn


Checking in from Tallinn – I came here yesterday to hang out with my little brother who studies at one of the local universities. Hence I’ve had a few chances to visit during the past few years, and I must admit the local vibe is pretty cool, if you know where to go. Anyhow, this is my look from yesterday’s tour de Tallinn.

´Chelsea´ coat TOTÊME, denim TOTÊME (old season), ´Ascot´ bag THE ROW, ankle boots SENSO, ´San Remo´ scarf TOTÊME, ´Edge´ sunglasses CÈLINE 

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Last Night


Last night I was invited to VERO MODA’s 30th birthday dinner (congratulations, what an achievement!) to Bronda. I had to rush when I was choosing what to wear, which is the usual case, but luckily I had bought this skirt the other day from FILIPPA K. It is part their new selection of timeless essentials which go by ´Slinky´. If you’re looking for the perfect PRTOTAGONIST kind of slip dress or cami top at more a sympathetic price point, you should check out these pieces.

´Rennes´ sweater TOTÊME, turtleneck sweater ZARA,´Slinky´ skirt FILIPPA K