Weekend Treat


Not long ago I spotted a very talented Los Angeles based artist, Carmen D’Apollonio, on Vogue who is behind these beautiful ceramic creations. Some of them have been designed exclusively for CÈLINE. Well, if Phoebe approves….


You can follow Carmen here.

Image courtesy of Vogue and Carmen D´Apollonio

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Wearing A Blanket


My cosy home office look featuring the softest merino wool sweater from TOTÊME and denim from KHAITE. You know I could wear something similar pretty much everyday. And I could not pass wearing a blanket, the key accessory of the past fall season, which totally continues to complete any style in the winter as well.

`Navais´ merino wool turtleneck TOTÊME, ´Como´ blanket TOTÊME, ´Kassandra´denim KHAITE

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Totême Lombardy


A pair of trousers from TOTÊME which I had been looking forward to adding to my closet. The `Lombardy´ silk-blend trousers are an updated version of the ´Novara´style. So good with t-shirts and turtleneck sweaters.

Find them already here and here.

January Obsessions


In 2018 I want change the way I run the blog; structure my entries in a new, refreshing way. So here we go…

Three objects or photos that inspire me right now: 1) this beautiful round vase collected by The Line 2) earrings by ANA KHOURI 3) a piece of furniture which I found from my inspiration folders… any idea who is it by?

Images by The Line & Ana Khouri

New Year’s Evening

The last day of the year always ends up being pretty emotional. For me 2017 has been by far the most rewarding, yet the most challenging year. I graduated from university with honours and was asked to join the most talented STYLEBY team. On the other hand, I fell sick in the spring which is why I am still going through the toughest battle of my life.

Anyhow, I hope 2018 will be full of life and many unforgettable experiences. Love that you strangers continue to hang there and read my entries. It means the world to me and pushes me forward. Happy New Year! xx

`Masella´ blazer TOTÊME, t-shirt COS, ´Slinky´ skirt FILIPPA K

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