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Hi you and welcome to A Style Journey! We are Katarina & Juliane, one journalist – with experience from two of Norway’s largest digital fashion and woman pages, KK.no and MinMote – and one leadership and marketing women, both with a huge love for fashion and travel. As a result; this universe. A Style Journey.
A Style Journey was founded by Katarina Petrovic and Juliane Victoria Kleiven for one simple reason; to inspire and guide women to always travel with style, in a simple, elegant and effortless way. Which doesn’t always feel that easy, right? Because it’s a fact that time these days is faster than us, as well as we move around more than we’ve ever done. Therefor want everything to be available to us, easier and faster. Yet we want to look our best at all time.
Through A Style Journey we want to provide you the finest tips and triks to make you feel like the best version of yourself – wherever you are – by giving you the latest fashion industry news, our (and other stylish womens!) favourite pieces, cravings and travel tips. As well as other inspiering content – all in a clean and timeless way. We also belive that in order to feel our best, we need to find ourselves in beautiful surroundings from time to time. So keep your eyes open for dreamy destinations, simple travel guides and reportages as well.
Hope to see you here and on our Facebook page for daily fashion and travel updates!

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