Are you finding yourself in London for Fashion Week or are you planning a weekend getaway soon? Than we have a hotspot you don’t want to miss before you head back home! Finding places to eat in other countries than your own can be kind of tricky (finding a good place at home is tricky enough sometimes!). Especially when you are super hungry after all the running around, doing all you can to see and do everything you planned. Feel us? Well, we feel an have you this time. The last time we were in London we discovered a little pearl in the heart of Portobello, 59a Portobello Road W11 3DB to be precise. In a hidden corner you’ll find a super cozy breakfast/brunch/lunch place called Farm Girl Cafe. With their simple approach to Australian Cafe Culture, they serve healthy, super tasty AND good looking refillers. Order a chai latte, an acai bowl and some toasted bread with avokado and poached eggs and you’re ready for another shopping round!

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