Fall Dressing COAT &amp SNEAKERS

Fall has definitly arrived here in Norway and as strange as it may sound, i actually love it! Wrapping up in cozy knit, layers, coats, jeans, I love it. Not to mention the colors, darker (not that I’m super colorful in summer). But it is a fact, the colder it gets the harder it’s to dress up, at least we feel that way. And since we do, we have been working on our fall/winter dressing for years. One of my favorite fall combinations year after year is a quality coat and wearable sneakers. Why? Because you can make the look you prefer; feminine or masculine, or both. The coat adds the women touch, while the sneakers dresses it down – and they’re a great choice when the weather is unstable.

What I’m more into this fall than previous seasons is the maskuline/feminine mix; like in this outfit. Boyish sneakers and jeans womened-up with a light coat and drop earrings. And the hair some place in the middle, not to girly, but girly enough. A simple everyday outfit that by a shoe change (to a pair of heels) makes a layed back late night look as well! Tips: Wide and long jeans like these looks amazing folded up with heels or flats.
Shop the look under the photo.

Coat from Halluber, t-shirt from Zara, jeans from Filippa K, sneakers from Adidas, earrings from H&M and sunglasses from Ray Ban.

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