last minute inspiration KNOT-IT!

There is no secret that weekends – even though they’re supposed to be totaly realaxed – are quite stressfull at times. You want to sleep longer, eat a superb breakfast, take a long bath, do some shopping, clean the house (sadly) and of course at the end of the day a late night dinner or drinks out. In other words; time is limited, as well as we always want to look our best right? Luckily there are a lot of fashion/beauty shortcuts out there and every Saturday we’ll share one of our last minute tips to help you shine either you have five minutes or one hour to get ready!
First tips out: Knot-it! When time is the problem, hair can be kind of tricky (if you’re not Kate Moss and your hair looks perfectly fixed when you wake up). Not to forget that we don’t always have time to shower AND dry it before we leave. Either you have a bad hair day or you just don’t know what do to with your hair, a knot or two is THE solution. Not only can you make the knot personal and do whatever feels right, the super chic hairdo is a timesavior! Sleek your hair back, split it on the midle, make a side-line or just let it fall naturally before you collect it in a hair band and twist, fold or tie it in the back. The possibilities are endless, but here are some look you migh want to try out this weekend. Have a good one!
All pictures from Harperz Bazaar.

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