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If you’re one of the lucky ones finding yourself in Paris for Fashion Week at the moment we have two restaurant recommendations to share with you either you’re on the run or need a cozy (and tasty of course) late-night-dinner spot! Last time we were in the city of love early this year we discovered two news must-eats; East Mamma and Mian Fan. And belive us, you don’t want to leave the city without sitting down – at least once!

East Mamma: This all Italian restaurant in 133 Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine is probably one of the best Italians in Paris. Not only does the place and its atmosphere scream Italy, the food does too! Finding good italian restaurants out of Italy is not easy (especially if you’ve been a lot in Italy and know what Italian should taste), but this one won’t dissapoint you. The starters are amazing (do not leave before eating a bruschetta with buffalo mozarella) and so are the pizzas too, but they’re BIG, just like in Italia. So if you’re not a big eater sharing is a good idea at East Mamma. And if you’re planning a late night dinner, reserve a table – if you don’t like to wait. It can take some time.

Mian Fan:
Finding this treasure was a super coincidence and we’re so thankful for it! After a long day that ended with shopping in Galeries Lafayette, this modern yet warm oriental restaurant was THE savior we needed. The rain was pouring down we were super hungry, tired and running from the rain at the same time, then suddenly the cozy inside of Mian Fan dragget us in and we had a wonderful food experience. The restaurant is a crossroad between China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and Japan – they mix all these Asian flavors in a modernized way. So if you find yourself in Galeries (or not) visit Mian Fan for new tastes at 20 Rue Mogador.

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