This summer I (K) finally discovered Armani’s beauty line – and than God for that! Not only is the make-up fantastic (my favorite is the Maestro Glow foundation, which I’ll share with you later too), the skincare is too. Both feels so light on the skin, just like you don’t have anything on your face exept a fresh layer of softness! The latest product I discovered is the brands Glow-On Moisturizing Balm from the Armani Prima line; a facial balm that hydrates and helps the skin achieve a fresh glow, as well as it works as a delicate make-up base. What I love so much about this balm is that it really makes your skin feel and look smoother – the perfect product if you’re like me and like to skip foundation sometimes. And if you don’t, it really is a great base! I always apply it before my Maesto Glow and firstly it makes it easier to apply the foundation, secondly it actually makes it last longer, as well as it prevents the skin from looking shiny at the end of the day. A real beauty must-have on your bathroom shelf in other words!

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