Monthly Wishlist OCTOBER

Now, there’s no more running away from fall and we don’t want to either. It’s time to wrap up and that’s exactly what we love so much about this time of the year; heavy knit, turtlenecks, long coats, boots and scarfs. Also, since one of us just moved to a new apartment, interior is high on the wishlist and we’re both keeping our eyes open for beautiful and outstanding home pieces – as well as for wearable pieces of course. Here is some of the things we wouldn’t mind suddenly owning!
Boots from Mango, jeans from Loewe, turtleneck from H&M, skirt from Tibi, coat from Weekday, bag from Givenchy, kande from Georg Jensen and serving platter from Finn Juhl.

At the moment we’re kind of trying to add some color to our wardrobe, since our whole fall/winter collection is kind of black, white and grey, and a color that we actually feel comfortable in is one of the strongest colors; red. Strange, but not so strange, since it works so well with our basics – a dash of it just adds some elegance and makes the look a bit more playful.

When it comes to materials it’s mostly wool we’re into at this time a year, but this season we want to mix it with more exclusive textiles like silk and patent leather – just to break up the safe everyday clothing we’ve been doing for a while. Choosing a pair of patent shoes for instance is not only a super hot choise, it’s also a smart one; the leather type (or just the shine material) is actually kind of water resistant. We know, what a perfect match! And when choosing patent this season, don’t hold back, let your patent pieces stand out, like these amazing boots from Mango!

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