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For some of you autumn break already started on Friday – and a lot of you have probably left home already – but for those of you who haven’t and for those of you who have autum break next week and haven’t planned anything yet, we have a last minute tip you might want to hear! Because it’s not to late to plan a weekend getaway, and this might surprise you but a trip to Poland, Warsaw to be precise, is a GOOD idea and this is why:
Firstly, Poland is underestimated! I’m (K) the first one who (sadly) underestimated the country, until I actually sat down and got to know it a little better. Since my boyfriend surprised me with a weekend trip to Warsaw – which is totally not our typical vacay destination – I was in a way «forced» be interested and like it and I’m glad for it now because Warsaw has so much to offer; interesting culture, beautiful architecture, good (and affordable) food, a LOT of great spas, sweet markets and shopping – of course! And what more can one actually ask of a weekend getaway? Well one more thing:
Warsaw is more affordable than a lot of other big cities. Hotels, food, shopping, everything is more wallet-friendly at the same time as you get to know something other than London and Barcelona. We’re staying at Hotel Polonia Palace in the city centrum for a really good price – and they still have free rooms for the autumn break. If you don’t want the big hotel feeling, we where actually considering a beautiful home-away boutique hotel called Autor Rooms; personal rooms with a warm yet very in the now feeling. The interior design is gorgeous!
So, now that you have two sleepover options (and a lot of more beautiful and affordable options on for instance Air Bnb) the one thing that’s left are the plane tickets and the prices there are as good as everything else! See you in Poland?

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