Save Or Spend?

The cold really hit us this morning and all we’ve been abel to think about so far today is if we should save or spend on one of this seasons biggest jacket trend; the puffer jacket! First of all we LOVE it! The boxy silhuette that makes it look too big, is exactly what we want. Imagine how warm it’s on a cold Norwegian winter day – not to mention how layed back chic! There is nothin more we’re looking for in a winter jacket than it keeping us warm as well as stylish. But then to the big question; should we save or spend? Totême’s Slogan jacket was love at first sight. The single button on the side and the hoodie makes it stand out from the crowd (not to mention how genious the hoodie is when it really gets cold outside) and the price tag is not so bad either, BUT when you have a lot on you wishlist 4 400 kroner is not so little either. Especially when compared to 700 kr, which is the price of Monki’s Puff jacket – and as you can see it’s as chic as the Slogan in another way! We love that it’s a bit longer – too keep our legs warmer – as well as we never say no to a high neck jacket for winter. Also we have to admit that we love the squares… Decisions, decisions…

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