Have You Visited IRELAND

So, I’ve (J) traveled to many cities all over, but the one place I have really fallen in love with – and I can’t wait to visit again – is Ireland. This summer my family and I rented a car and traveled the country around in one week (which was a little too short, to be honest) and it’s one of the best and most interesting places I’ve ever visited! But of all the places I saw – even though it’s hard to chose from so much beauty, because Ireland is full of it! – there are a couple of spots that I think you should (and want!) to see in the near future.

Cobh:Let’s start in Cobh, which is by Cork – the second biggest city in Ireland. This place have it all! First off all they have these old, rustic, beautiful buildings that really leaves you with a feeling. When you drive into this small city, the first thing you see is an old church – that WILL take your breath away. Second there is this beautiful harbor that really has a cool story! It’s actually where Titanic had its last stop before it headed to the United States. The exact same brew is still standing and they have a museum that’ll show you how it was on the ship. The thing that really makes this experience real, is that you get a name at the beginning of the museum and in the end you get to know “yourself” and what happened to you in the crash. Ps! If you end up at the harbor, they sell this wonderful homemade ice-cream there and it’s a must!

Cliffs of Mother: Next stop County Clear, or more specifically Cliffs of Moher – definitly the best spot. It’s unbelivable. The cliffs are 7 km long and you can walk at the edge the whole way. It’s really scary standing at the edge and look down in the water (213m down!), but there is no other feeling like it either. And a little warning from me to you: Don’t go up there if you’re afraid of highs. It’s not the place to be then. The wildlife there is also really beautiful! The chances are high that you’ll spot some rear bird, or even better, if you go on the boat trip the seas is full off seals.
City: So enough with all the nature stuff – even though it’s the no.1 reason to visit Ireland – there are more to do, like shopping (of course)! There is no secret that some of the fun in traveling is also to spend some money on clothes. And too be honest I was a little bit disappointed at first, because the style in Ireland is way different than ours. But if you give it a chance and dig well you can actually find something. If you’re in the north of Ireland you should go to Belfast. They have an amazing shopping street, all from more exclusive shops to vintage shopping – so no stress, you’ll find something to buy! And to the best part: The travels to Ireland are not expansive. Ryanair have the cheapest tickets and there is hundreds of wonderful bed an breakfasts all over the country. So if you have a weekend free and a different travel experience, jusm on a flight and fall in love with Ireland (beacuse you will)!

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