Packing is and has always been the hard part of traveling! What do you bring and what do you leave? Do you have too much or too little? Should you bring that one dress or not? And how to avoid clothing crises (you know those when you feel like you don’t have anything to wear)?! The list of questions is loooong and even though we’ve become quite good experts on packing, we still never say no to some new tips and triks – especcially from girls who travel A LOT. To make the packing more fun than stressful, we’re going to share some of the most stylish women’s best «Travel Smart»-tips and first one out is no other than the Norwegian fashion blogger Nathalie Helgerud.
Nathalie recently became the newest member of the ELLE Norway bloggers and we see why (check out her blog here)! The girl is super fresh and knows how to look good wherever in the world she is; playing with shapes, colors and materials. But how does she do it? Now we know:

What is your best «Travel Smart like Nathalie»-tips? I would dare to say that I’m a world champion in packing to avoid overweight yet bring the most with me! I always pack all my shoes in my hand luggage, also I fold all garments – until the smallest panty – unduly nicely so that they occupy minimum space! You should just have seen me! It is also a good idea to put together outfits in advance of a trip, BUT we all know that we’ll want to wear something different when we arrive, so what I tend to do is to bring with me the nicest I have at the moment as well as some alternatives that I know fits together. I would never bring a pair of pants with me that I know don’t fit with any of the others pieces. Another «travel smart»-tips – that it’s a must – is my "Hotels Tonight" app! There you can find luxury (and not luxury) hotel rooms worldwide for a much cheaper price.
How do you prepare for a trip? I litteraly try everything I have of clothes and go through my whole wardrobe! I also like to browse magazines and Tumblr for inspiration while i trying to figure out what fits together.

How packages to avoid clothes crises on tour, yet not include too much?
Make sure you have clothes that fits to the other you have with you! And try out the garments in advance.What do you never travel without? My phone and camera! I Love documenting everything I do on travels!If you could only bring three beauty products, which three would it be?
Definitly my Liquid bronzer from Armani, my Dior moisturizer and aqua mist from Philip Martins.
Top photo, Lydia Gieselmann and secound Adam Katz Sinding.

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