I’ve been testing almost everything trough the years speaking in terms of making the most out of my (very non-cooperating) curls. Shampoos, oils, sprays – you name it – but non of them has managed to discipline my type of curls, that are both straight, super curly and wavy at once. BUT almost one year ago, when I made a real hair change – yup, we’re talking BANGS – my hairdresser recommended me a product from Kérastase that should do. And you know what, after only three washes I saw improvement, and now, a year later the result is amazing!
My curls still live their own life, but they seem more defined and simply more curly. Some of the straight parts ain’t that straight anymore and I feel like the frizz is a bit under control. And you know what the best part is? The cleansing conditioner is a 2-in-1 product, so it’s the only one you need in the shower! It might feel a bit strange when applying it the first time since it doesn’t foam, but don’t worry, your hair gets clean believe me! But I recommend using it when showering in the morning, or at least if you shower in the evening, make sure your hair is dry when laying down, if not the conditioner might make your hair greasy. Check out the product here – and you can get it at almost any hairdresser!
Have a nice Sunday you all!

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