The Dream Destination CASA CAU

Since last years car-vacay in Italy with my boyfriend, I (K) can’t get over Italy. Like literally, I’ve been dreaming about the trip since. It’s just my country, even though it’s not, but there is just something about the people, the atmosphere, the climate, the architecture, not to mention the food! Everything. I feel at home there and if there is one place (of all the amazing places we visited) that I really miss at the moment – since I’m in the mood for big city vacations at this time a year – it’s Rome. I’ve been travelling a lot since our four days in Rome, seen a lot of beautiful cities, but non has left me feel like Rome did (yet) and I have a feeling that a Italian weekend getaway will happen soon.
The feeling got even better when I came over this amazing vacation apartments in the heart of Rome – only 100m from Trevi Fountain! The apartments, called Casa Cau, is located in a townhouse from the 1600’s (I know) and the syling is a type of vintage meets modern, with delicat and fresh colors like beige, mint, turquise, pink and brown. And of course it has the home-away-from-home feeling that we appriciate so much!
When travelling to a big city – with too much to see and do – like Rome, there is only two things to have i mind when backing; comfy yet elegant! Dressing is a big deal everywhere, but in Rome it’s a lifestyle if you know what I mean. Romans always look good, even though they always seem to be in a hurry – and here is where comfy comes in! First thing first, shoes. Sneakers is your best friend (daytime, always have some heels with you for late nights), at this time a year. But if you, like me, don’t feel elegant enough in a classic pair of sneakers, go for a more clean pair without shoelaces and with a small platform (the platform will just make them even more comfy as well as it adds some elegance).

When it comes to dressing, again chose comfy and airy garments – because there will be a lot of walking and you don’t want your skirt to slip up every step you take, nor your jeans to gnaw you. SInce the temperature is still comfortable in most of Italy, we’d go for a delicate midi skirt, a blazer and maybe a high-neck fine knit sweater. As a back-up if the nights gets colder, we’d pack a pair of wide jeans and a thin coat.
Coat from Zara, skirt from Joseph, jeans from Lemaire, high-neck sweater from Sandro, blaxzer from Sandro, sneakers from Eytys, bag from Zara, earrings from Aurélie Bidermann and sunglasses from Acne Studios,