Having a good cabin luggage-bag is alpha and mega when travelling! You know having space to bring all you need + a little extra (your mac, the charger, make-up, a facial mist, hand cream, a good book, your wallet and the list continues) as well as it has to be wearable, so you can wear it while on vacay. Because let’s be honest, it’s nothing more annoying than bringing things that are just laying in the hotel room the whole trip. So, let your next cabin luggage-bag be big, smart (with pockets), wearable and super chic at the same time! Sounds hard? No, not at all, because we’ve already gathered the best ones in store for you and the only thing you need to do is to click on the link (of the bag you like) and buy it!
Tote from Sport Max, pod tote from Marni, white hobo bag from Mango, green tote from Max Mara, market tote from The Row, cross bag from Mango, brown bag from Bottega Veneta, two-tone tote from Zara, multicoloured bag from Marni, boho bag from Mango, red/black contrast bag from Mango and stitched bag from Zara.