There are some food places we’ve been visiting continually for a while now, that we haven’t been able to let go of – and you all know that there are a lot of restaurants you visit and forget about the next week. BUT these seven trasures have been calling our name over and over again and we’ve been coming back. In other words, something is really right – and we know exactly what! – which is why they’re worth sharing with you guys. We’ve picked out 5 of our (many) favorites Oslo based restaurantes; cusines from almost all over the world. Italian, Indian, Mexican, Peruvian and American. Here are our top 7’s at the moment:
INDIAN:Indian – our favorite cusine! Since we love all the spicy flavors – every singel one of them – it’s super important for us to actually taste them and so far New Delhi has given us THE spicy-flavored-foodgasm we love about indian food. And they haven’t dissapointed, not even once. The restauran has been in the city centrum for about 30 years now and has been named the best indian in town a couple of times and there is no wonder why; the food, everything from the small starters, to the nans and the main dishes, is amazing. Maybe not the most sylish place, but you won’t find a more stylish indian food in town (tips! Try the Buttered chicken).

From the left: Cantina Cortina, Trattoria Populare and Villa Paradiso
ITALIAN: When it comes to Italian restaurant’s we’re picky – just because we know what we want after a summer driving around in Italy, eating pizzas and pastast at every corner. Cantina Cortina, Villa Paradiso and Trattoria Popolare are our all time favorites for three simple reasons; the pizzas (no.1 and 2), the pastas (def. no 3!), the small dishes (all of them) and the casual atmosphere. It almost feels like you’re eating on a local italian inside the restaurants, not only because of the food, but the atmosphere is alive, just like in Italy. Whatever you order it’ll be good, but don’t forget the wine and a bottle of San Pellegrino of course!
MEXICAN:Mexican food has really entered Oslo the last couple of years and one that has suprised us time after time is Tijuana. The modern interior with a mexican touch and the mexican music makes the restaurant a perfect place to start the weekend – with a mojito in one hand and homemade nachos in the other! Not only does Tijuana have (big) typical mexican dishes, they also serve small tapas-like dishes if you just want to snack a bit or try more than one dish – which is of course recommended! The place is litutally always full, so if you want a table (especially for the weekend) make sure to reserve a table!

Photo: Piscoteket
PERUVIAN:The Peruvian (yes, Peruvian!) restauran Piscoteket is a perfect supplement to Oslo’s many italian, indian and oriental restaurant. The Peruvian food really stands out of the crowd and gives you a amazing food expirence – different from all the other restaurants! If you want to get the most out of your visit to Piscoteket, bring some friends and order a little bit from everything and share it all – both for dinner and desert. You won’t regret! (Psst… The food is beautifully served so have your phone ready).
Illegal Burger,the name of this little restaurant (that has now expanded and consist of two) says it all; the burgers here are ILLEGALY good! You can choose from 10 different types of burgers – or actually 30 beacuse you can choose if you want meat, fish or vegetarian, as well as you can have a singel or a double – depending on which ingredients you like. My favorite you ask? The vegetarian Hot Mama or Green Chilli Salsa! And don’t forget the grilled potatos with aioli, a must-have.