Beauty packing can be hard sometimes right? We of all know. You know what is just extra weight to all the clothes and what is really necessary? Finding the perfect balance when packing your beloved beauty products can be even harder than leaving an extra pair of shoes behind. But the same rules apply when packing your beauty bag: Think smart, wearable and weather. Does your favorite products come in small containers? Can you wear the products at any occation? Does it fit the weather? And ofcourse, do you really need the product for the period you’re gone?
Pack the products what works for both day and night (and always have a «statement» product, like a red lipstick with you) and think weather. This time a year our skin needs more moisture, so chose products that matches your winterskin and go for long-lasting make-up for an optimal result (we all want to look our best from the morning to night even though we run around all day). Also, remember your water resistant friends when needed. Check out which products I’ll (K) be packing in my beauty bag (and why) to my weekend getaway to Warsaw below:

SKINCARE: To keep my skin healthy – even though on vacay – I always bring my all time favorite every day scrub from Clinique. It leaves my skin soft and smooth – and it’s both the perfect helper before applying make-up in the morning and removing the city dirt in the evening.
When it comes to moisturizing, my home products are kind of big and I have more than one bottle. In other words not super practical when travelling. Instead I bring my all-in-one savior, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. As well as giving my skin enough moisture, it’s the perfect make-up base and a refresher after a long day and night.

Since I’m not a huge make-up fan, I like keeping my skin simple and clean yet smooth by using light products. My favorite at the moment is Armani’s magic, the Maestro foundation. It just has it all; it’s light, gives a fresh glow and covers just enough (find out more about Armani Maestro in this post). Also I never leave the house without what has been my magic pen for years, YSL’s touh eclat concealer. It’s just a must in every women’s beauty bag; a concealer and a highlighter in one.

I’ve swore to lipliners since I can remember; they shape my lips in a natural way. I’ve been testing a lot trough the years and at the moment I’m only using H&M’s lipliner (choco therapy). Other than my lip liner I like adding a lot of moisture to my lips (Chanel Hydra Beauty Lip Balm
is a savior), especially for fall/winter and when I’m walking around outdoor the whole day. When I’m in a extra good mood I like adding a hint of pink to my lips for a fresher look and this Rouge d’Armani Lipstick (alba 510) add just enough color.

EYES AND BROWS: I rarely wear mascara, but what I always use is a eyelash curler. And everyone who knows me well, knows I’m a eyebrow freak! They frame the face and makes you stand out in my opinion. I swear to hard powders and a small make-up brush, both from H&M and they’re everything I need. The powder lasts the whole day without smearing off.