In this winter weather my skin turns so dry it hurts seeing it. I’ts screaming for moisture in the mirror. In all desperation i turned to the our beloved internet and found what has become my winterskin saviour. I’ve been trying Cinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight for some weeks now and my skin has never been softer (at least not as I can remember)! And you know what the best thing is; it takes no time at all to use it! You just clean your skin, massage it inn for a minute or two and go to sleep with it on. And in the morning after, you don’t need to do anything at all – exept feeling super soft skin ofcourse. The mask is recomended for all skin types and for me and my combination of dry and oily skin, it’s just perfect because doesn’t consist oils. If your skin is really dry you can use it every night, or whenever you feel the need for it. Enjoy!