Is there any better feeling than finding a timeless vintage piece, with a great pricetag? I don’t think so! Last year I found this classic figured coat at a Vintage store i London (of course!) and it’s from no other than Sportmax – one of the brands with the best coats is you ask me. Timeless silhuettes and colors, but always with a new touch or a different detail, that makes their coats stand out.

And for a minimalist like me, there is no better way than adding a great coat to lift my otherwise simple fall outfits (that usually gets even more simple this time a year). What I like so much about this one is the sharp edges and the single button, which makes the coat the perfect transformer. It can be super feminine, when combined like this, or it can be totally casual with a pair of wide pants, a hoodie and some sneakers.

For me a timeless coat with a different touch are the best everyday transformer. How? Depending on it’s material, color and shape, it gives you the oppertunity to play with you styling and look totally different every time you wear it. Add your favorite coat to any look and occation, just make sure to combine it with suitable material and details.

For a classic everyday look, go for wool or cashmere matched with jeans and sneakers. If you’re – like I was the day I wore this look in Warsaw – running around all day long having different plans, keep most of the look toned down and top it with some killer shoes. Or if you’re just heading directly for drinks, throw your coat over a mini skirt, stockings and a silk top!

Believe me, no one will even notice you’re wearing the same coat as yesterday and the day before. You’ll probably just hear the same old; is it new? I love it!