The hands of a lady says a lot about her, right? At least we think so and the last couple of years we’ve started taking more care of them, both with a lot of moisture but also when it comes to polishing. We can’t believe how many minutes – or should we say hours – we’ve spent on putting on and taking of nail polish because the layers either was too thin (and fell off) or too thick (and got ugly after two minutes). And of course because of all the last minute accidents – you know jackets, shoes, car keys, doors. We don’t need to go on. But no more struggle, just beautiful hands thanks to our new nail polish routine. Still haven’t got the nail-game under control? Now is the time and here is the routine that saved our nails:
1. Cut, file and make sure you remove all debris from your nails before you start.
2. Put on a thin layer of a base coat you like (we’re actually using Eveline´s 8 in 1 Total Action nail conditioner instead. It makes our nails stronger and it works as good as any other base). Let the base coat dry before you continue.
3. When the base coat is dry, put a very thin layer (so thin that you can almost see the your nails) of any color you like. LET IT DRY. And what ever you do; Do not touch anything (unless it’s your phone).
4. When your first layer is dry, put on another layer. This time it can be thicker – not too thick of course – it depends on the color and your time. Even if the layer is thin or thick let it dry before you continue. It’s very important so you avoid ugly marks and in worst case; so you avoid dragging your entire previous work off. Believe us, you don’t want to start again when you’re at this stage. Again, do not touch anything.
5. When your second layer is dry you can finally put on the saviour – the top coat! My favorites at the moment are Mi-Ny Gel effect and Essie Good to go. Mi-Ny’s top coat dries fast and gives your nails a gellack effect. Essie’s dries fast and gives your nails a more natural finish. Both of them protects from scratches and lasts at least for four days – if you’ve done your part of the job right of course. If you at any time notice that the nail polish is staring to peel off, you can just put on another layer of the top coat and the nails are ready for some more days.
This routine takes more than 10 minutes – but it also lasts more than that. The perfect Sunday treat with a cup of tea besides!