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You’re probably asking yourself the same question as I did when my boyfriend bought us weekend tickets to Warsaw: Of all beautiful cities, why should I go to Warsaw? Well, now that I’ve been there I have the answer and there are a lot of reasons you should take a weekend getaway to Poland’s capital! First of all, it is really cheap. Both getting there and being there – which of course has something to say! But as well as being more affordable, the city really is beautiful and different (and bigger than you can imagine!). Its impressing how the city has recovered after being totally ruined under the second World War; various architecture, amazing parks and cozy streets. Not to mention the Old Town, Stare Miasto! But best of all, it the restaurants are amazing and so is surprisingly the shopping as well.
Travel with us and find out where to stay, eat, shop and stroll in Warsaw!
Polonia Palace is definitely the place to stay. Its super central location and classic, clean and modern interior makes this hotel majestic and convenient at the same time – not to mention the nice people working there, making you feel like a celeb! The hotel is in the city centrum, just a stone’s throw away from one of the most impressing building in Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Science, the shopping streets and a lot of good restaurants. Ps! If you need any help under your stay – even if you just need to book a table in a restaurant – don’t hesitate asking in the reception, they’re more than glad to help.

If you’re staying a Polonia Palace – or not – and you’re a breakfast person, you should definitely start one of your mornings at Strauss. It’s in the same building as the hotel and serves everything you can imagine! There is no point in making a list, just imagine everything. You get a table and choose from a huge buffet – we actually got problems choosing. Eating at Strauss is not as cheap as other places, but you should definitely try it – if you’re staying at Polonia, reserve breakfast the day before, then you get to pay 2 for 1!
Approximately a 10 minutes walk (two minutes with the tramp) close to the Constitutional Square, you’ll find Charlotte – chleb i wino. Let’s just say you don’t leave Warsaw without having your breakfast or lunch at this super intimate place that serves fresh bread, sandwiches, pastries, fresh pressed juice and great coffee! You can order everything separated and make you own menu, or you can chose from their already set menus. We actually ended up eating there two days in a row! For breakfast I recommend ordering a bowl of yoghurt and their homemade granola and the classic Charlotte breakfast (that consist a basket of different bread and a croissant, jams of your choice and a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or juice). For lunch, go for a juicy fresh made turkey sandwich topped with a fried egg!
Since both my boyfriend and I LOVE eating good, we’re putting a lot of time in finding the best food spots – and here we have to admit that Warsaw really surprised us. In a good way of course! We didn’t have time to try out all the restaurants we put a ring around, but the once we did manage to visit is amazing! Start the first day of by eating in the most beautiful park in Warsaw, the Lazienski Park at Qchnia Artystyczna. The restaurant is literally a hidden pearl – not easy to find the way in, but when you do it’s amazing! The whole restaurant, everything from the interior, to the way of serving to the tastes is pure art (and the view is amazing)!

The next day, go even a step higher on the restaurant scale and visit Signature. This modern restaurant is recommended in the latest Michelin Guide, and had been so the last couple of years – and we definitely understand why! Every single taste is as it should be in a beautiful and calm atmosphere. Go trough the whole menu; start with the tuna, then go over to a soup (like the soup of the day. We got an creamy beetroot soup with roasted garlic – amazing!) and for the main course, try Malgosia Socha’s Signature dish; Cooked Atlantic cod with cheese and asparagus ravioli / asparagus / chanterelle mushrooms / fish stock with saffron. And for the dessert? The Paralin tart!
Warsaw is not known for it’s shopping and we didn’t go on vacay to shop either. But it would be a lie if told you I don’t like doing a little shopping wherever I go, because I do! In the big shopping centers you have the standards (Zara, Mango, H&M, etc…) as well as some Polish brands that are not bad at all. But if you’re looking for brands like Céline, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo, Vitkac and the Likus Concept store is the place for you. There is one level for everything you need; shoes, women’s clothing, men’s clothing and beauty.
You don’t go to Warsaw if you want to be super busy all the time, running around seeing a lot! No, Warsaw is a casual city, where you come to relax. But of course there are some spots you should to visit while strolling around. The Old Town – Stare Miasto – is a must. The buildings are super cute and different from anything you’ve seen in other big cities. Just walk around and admire the architecture and take a look inside the majestic Zamek Królewski (the royal castle). The simple orange appearance deceives, but wait until you get inside! After hanging in the Old Town, walk the beautiful King’s road – Krakowskie Prezedmiescie – and head over to the National Museum or the Modern Art Museum!

Parl Lazienskowski! Don’t leave Warsaw without taking a looong walk in it, just enjoying the beautiful nature! We’ve never seen anything like it before. The perfect way to end the day before you head over to one of the too many good restaurants there (Tips: Belvedere and Atelier Amaro).

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