The Dream Destination CASA T

Let’s just start with this first: We really love Airbnb! Searching around, finding new travel destinations thanks to the stays. Yes, that’s how we’ve been thinking lately; we want to find a gorgeous stay that we really like and just go there because of it! Since we’re all about winter getaways this time a year (to warmer spots of course! ) we’ve been scanning the net to find our next dream destination and this time we came a place that have both THE stay and THE location. We really wouldn’t mind finding ourselves in Casa T, located in Tulum Mexico, this pre-Christmas period, to refill our batteries and get ready for the festive season!
The private residence composed of three studios is designed by Studio Architectos, owned by a New York fashion designer and has a total zen location, where you can fully unwind and get away from everythin. Only you, beautiful design and incredible nature – and sun, sun, sun of course! Each studio in Casa T represents a theme, earth, wind and fire, with relating interiors in a tropical yet elegant and modern feel. We could definitly see ourselves laying in the outdoor lounge this December!

For a totally relaxed getaway like this we’d keep it simple, light and comfy – yet super lux of course! Some silky wide pants, matched with open flats and a casual short sleeved shirt – maybe even a light knitted sweater – when night falls. And for daytime (#thebeach) a killer bikini/swimsuit underneath an airy kaftan or a long shirt. Also don’t forget the huge beach bag of course and a book full of inspiration! Shop our travel pickings directly through the links below:
Sweater from Zara, pants from Totême, long shirt from Mango, chropped shirt from Raey, bikini top from Matteau, bikini briefs from Matteau, sandals from Ancient Greek and bag from The Row.