We’ve been in a moving-out-chaos since summer and thing’s are finally getting in shape! But even though we got the main things figured out, we can’t get enough of all the too good(!) mid-century modern pieces in town – and we still need some new details, you know! So if you’re like us, in a settling down period, or you just want to fresh up your home sweet home, we have to places you really need to visit this weekend (if not for buying beautiful mid-century pieces, just go there to get some inspo!). Two of our favorites in Oslo, Modern Tribute – which btw has an amazing store in London as well! – and Utopia, are full of oldies, but goodies you just want to see in your space! Chairs, tables, sideboards, lamps, details and even art; whatever you’re looking for, you’ll definitly find it here – and if you’re not looking for anything particular, you will after a visit!

Left: Utopia, right: Modern Tribute.