First thing first; we love good coffee table books. Especially the old style travel-meets-fashion-books – you know those who combine travel and fashion in a natural way. It’s just the best inspiration source before packing your next suitcase, but also in general. Not to mention how cozy it is wrapping up looking and looking for hours at beautiful destinations and stylish people! Because let’s be honest, people before knew style in a different way than we do and style was everywhere; at home, in the mountains, by the pool, even in bed! Probably because they had a more relaxed relationship with the dressing-part, fashion was more like a part of the way they used to live before – or at least it look like that. Anyway, there is a lot of inspo and a lot of learning in the really good travel x fashion books, both when it comes to how to dress appropriate and stylish for any occation and where to travel. From super hot poolside dressing to ski-chic babes in the mountains; here are the travel-meets-fashion books you want to put on this years Christmas Wishlist (or just buy yourself before your next trip)!
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