5 Summer Spots That’re better in Fall

Ever thought about how nice it would be if there was just a little less crowded on some of your favorite summer vacation spots? Places like Croatia, Italy, Spain and south of France is are some of the most traditional summer destination, as well as they’re the most touristic and crowdy in that period as well – and we think most of us can agree on that we wouldn’t mind having a bit more space and shorter lines when on vacay? Well, some of your favorite spots are probably even more beautiful this time a year, so it might actually be worth taking a weekend trip even now! Travelling to Europe in the fall (sometimes even as close to winter as now) often means of course fewer crowds and shorter line, but it also means idyllic weather, comfy climate and even better deals – not to mention the beautiful displays of autumn foliage. So before you exclude a fall trip to a typical summer spot, check out these five destinations that offer similarly relaxing atmosphere that they do during the high season – just don’t forget your sweaters!

This super chic Croatian city along the Adriatic Coast makes a great place for an relaxed and affordable getaway spot with lower prices than many other European coastal cities – especially in the fall. In early fall Dubrovnik is still hot enough to take a dip in the ocean, but even though it’s not a time for that now, the coastal pearl is still the spot for relaxation and luxury for good prices. Enjoy the magnificent old town without bumping elbows, eat great food and take a daytrip outside the city for outstanding mountain surroundings and the beautiful fall colors!
Photo: Instagram/@croatiafulloflife

When most of us thing about Capri, the first thing that pops up is a beach dream destination – and of course it is in summer! But don’t get fooled, the Island of Capri is maybe even more beautiful in fall, not only because of the colors, but because of the layed down atmosphere and the climate naturally. Pack a super elegant suitcase, book a affordable villa and enjoy a casual Italian getaway with a lot of good sea food, pizzas and pasta, wines and cocktails in the Piazzetta and shopping in the small streets (we’re talking closing sale!). And of course take a trip around the Island, visiting all the beautiful beaches. Even though there won’t be a lot of people bathing, the view is a good enough reason to go! And of course take some hours in Villa San Michele.
Photo: Left Instagram/@sassychris1, right Instagram/@milly77777

When Amalfi – the most romantic Italian coastline – starts to quiet down around September/October it’s the time to visit and see the real life at the Italian coastlines. Super quite and a dream destination if you want to get away from people for some days. Book some of the top hotels for extremely reduced rates, bring some good books and enjoy the silence surrounded by beautiful architecture. Travel around by boat and take day trips to the different coast towns depending on where you’re staying; Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano are must stops, even a longer trip to Capri is not a bad idea. If you’re not a boat person rent a car and head over to the super cozy mountain city Ravello – perfect if you love cultural adventures!
Photo: Instagram/@tekwani

Fall in Provence is maybe the most beautiful time a year to make a visit; no tourists yet a lot to do! It’s actually the season of grape harvests and olive harvests. Stay at a vineyard and take a winery tour by bike, or just bike around on your own and explore whatever you might come over – and it’ll most likely be a lot! If you get bored of biking around, book a cooking class and learn how to make real Italian food with fresh commodities by some of the best chefs!
Photo: Instagram/@relaischateaux

This Spanish summer town in Andalusia is maybe best known for its hot summer months and the beautiful selection of beaches, but the town has so much more to offer. Especially for historical and cultural enthusiasts. You may not want to take a swim in this place when fall hits, but what you should definitely do is just walking around the beautiful city, admiring the lively architecture. Not to mention the cultural variety Málaga can offer with it’s many museums. Do not miss Carmen Thyssen Museum and the pop-up of the Centre Pompidou – must visits!
Photo: Instagram/@centrepompidoumalaga