The Dream Destination LOCANDA AL COLLE

We know it might seem strange wanting to go to Italy – more specificly Tuscany – this time a year (we know what you’re thinking; not hot enough to take a swim in a pool right?) but just imagine getting away with your love or a good group of your best friends, to the middle of nowhere (or at least far away from other), just chilling around in a beautiful house, reading books, cooking, going for some walks, telling good stories – you know just escaping life for a couple of days. Okey, so we’ve maybe been watching some tv-series that have inspired us, but now that we have it on mind we can’t get the though out! Not to mention there is actually some other good reasons to visit Tuscany in the winter as well, like for instance diving into Tuscany’s hot outdoor baths (yup we said it. Hot. Outdoor. Baths). And of course, like always, we’ve been stalking the net for the perfect stay since the idea of Italy in winter time hit us.Locanda Al Colle. It’s not a Bed & Breakfast, it’s a home as the owner himself describes the beautiful house with nine rooms. And it really is just a home! A amazing one. The all italian modern meets old style makes it super cozy as well as you get the exclusive feel in the electric details (the paintings and furniture). As well as having a gorgeous inside to spend the long nights, the outside (and the bedroom views) is to die for – and just imagine the landscape in the winter! BUT, if you’re like us dreaming about visiting this place when the snow is on the ground, you’ll have to reserve the whole house with friends or family. Because the usual season is from Easter until November 2nd and in the winter this dream destination is only open for exclusive bookings of the entire house.
For a totally casual and no-obligations-getaway like this we’re not thinking much other than packing a too comfy suitcase. A really good pajamas set, sweatpants, cashmere sweaters, simple t-shirts, a long coat, a neck scarf, chunky ragg socks and some warm winter shoes. And of course a detox facial mask + a good scent light – you know, to light when the bed and your new favorite book calls! Shop our dream suitcase directly trough the links below.

Coat from Weekday, sweatpants from James Perse, cahsmere sweater from Zara, t-shirt from H&M, pajamas from Skin, boots from Alexander Wang, neck scarf from Totême, facial mask from SK-II and candle from Mugler.