The party season is officially on and it’s time to get ready; skin, hair, nails and body. Everything has to be on point! Not to mention our feet – which is kind of easy to forget in all the beauty chaos – but they’re super important because open shoes are back on again this time a year. And there is nothing less charming than forgotten feet in hot heels. After some months with heavy boots and no-air-shoes it’s time to help our feet out of the hibernation and into the party season. Hopefully these simple tips and products will help you on the way to happy feet! (Shop our favorites directly trough the links below).
1. Soften and file your feet once a week.
2. Moisturize your feet every day with a good foot cream – not body lotion. Our feet need more moisture (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!).
3. And last but not least put on a beautiful nail polish and you´re ready to go!
Not so hard right? But definitly worth it!
Scrub from Fig+Yarrow, foot file from Margaret Dabbs London, treatment cream from Clarins, cuticle Pusher & Cuticle Nipper from Deborah Lippman moisturizer from Kiehl’s.