We’re really getting into the winter mood (craving some white streets) even though the snow hasn’t hit town yet, which is probably the reason why we want it even more? Anyways while we wait for the snow to come to us, we’re dreaming about getting away to somewhere snowy and is there any better place to do so than in Scandinavia; Finland to be spesific! And we’re talking really snowy, like Igloo snowy in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.
The accommodations there are all amazing, blending in with the white and wild nature and we wouldn’t mind finding ourselves in one of the well known Glass Igloos for a weekend. Just lying there in one of the cozy beds watching the northern light while drinking some good wine at nighttime and running around at different safaris (husky-, reindeer- and ice fishing safaris) in daytime. Who could resist? Not we at least. A real winter dream destination!
When it comes to the dressing part it couldn’t be easier; simple, warm and of course chic! Go for smart yet elegant clothes that both look super good and are suitable for the cold weather. In our weekend bags you would find a lot of wool in oversized sweaters hats and gloves, turtlenecks, some super cozy track pants (we know it sounds bad, but there is nothing better when you just want to relax) and of course some good outwear. On our minds the moment is a long down coat (like this super feminine one from Moncler!), some fitted skipants or should we just say old school overalls and of course the no.1 winter boots, Moon Boots. This short version of the well known Moon Boot is both perfect for a getaway like this, but unlike it’s big brother its more wearable in town as well.

Skipants from Topshop, track pants from Calvin Klein, turtleneck from Monki, knit sweater from Joseph, coat from Moncler, boots from Moon Boot, hat from Zara and gloves from Mango.