#dilemmatime. We’ve been craving a pair of stiletto heel boots (with a pointy front of course) for a while now and no surprise we also have eyed two hotties we wouldn’t mind having in our wardrobes – especially in the festive period we have ahead of us. Zara always does it good when it comes to keep updated and these suede-look-a-likes has it all; both the heel, the perfect pointy front and the material. It’s just as super cool with a pair of jeans and a long coat as it is with a slip-in dress and a short fur jacket. BUT then we have this other (too) gorgeous stiletto. From Balenciaga of course – and they’re not the only ones from the latest collection that we have on our list… – which just has the little extra with its quirky heel and shiny leather. No need to think about your outfit when having these in your collection; they do the outfit for you. And they should, shouldn’t they? With its not-Zara-price tag. Decisions, decisions…
Left: Zara, right: Balenciaga.