The X-Mas Gift Guide HIM

Finding the perfect gifts for your beloved ones – the closest to your heart – is never easy. You want to give them something different yet useful. Something that’ll make them feel special and important. Hard? Yes. Super cozy? Definitly! We love doing christmas shopping, which is why we’ve been looking for the right gifts to ‘our special circle’ (parents, boy/girlfriends and best friends) for a while now and we THINK we got ourselves covered. Do you? If not, relax! We got you. Fist out the boys! Gathered underneath is some of our top gift – a mini X-Mas gift guide for him if you like – to help you trough the chaotic weeks to come. Boyfriend, brother, father or bff – no matter who is left on your list, these gifts will make them all feel special. Happy christmas shopping!

Trousers from H&M, coat from H&M, blazer from Zara, turtleneck from Filippa K, sneakers from Balenciaga, trolly case from Zara, wallet from Michael Kors, face cleanser from Aesop, parfum from Byredoand sunglasses fromAcne Studios.

Finding the perfect gift for the man in the house is maybe the hardest one, because ‘unlike’ us women they already ‘have everything they need’. SO, look for some exclusive and luxurious pieces (and no they don’t have to cost a fortune) that they would never treat themselves with! Look for clothes in fine materials like cashmere and soft wool. They all like it comfy, but most of them hate investing in quality garments, because there are so many other cool things out there, right? But when it comes to the end and the sweater starts itching, even our boys would love something soft in their wardrobe. Not to mention how good a new coat or some new sneakers – even a pair of winter boots that they probably don’t have – would do for a gift. Think timeless shapes and colors and comfort and they’ll have it for a long time. Plus, let’s be honest we all like our men looking extra handsome when walking beside us and they do in good outwear!

Shirt from Patrizia Pepe, coat from Zara, cardigan from H&M, backpack from Zara, winter boots from Sorel, leather gloves from H&M, Kepler book from Ark, shaving set from D R Harris and watch from Gant.
Last but not least, the details they don’t spoil themselves with. Starting the new year with a good book, a seductive scent, a new watch or wallet and or even a kick ass shaving set, will give the men in your life a fresh and inspiring start to the new year.
We know it might seem ‘easier said than done’ but remember one thing while shopping for your guys and you’ll never do wrong: Buy things that they can’t tell you they don’t need!