From Work to Drinks SHIRT &amp SILK SCARF

There is nothing better than all around outfits – you know the from-work-to-drinks combos that always makes you ready whatever the day might bring. We have a lot of those looks in mind, so when the running-around-all-day days come we’re prepared. One of our favorites at the moments is the two S’s; Shirt and Scarf. A silky scarf to be specific, wrapped around our necks. Put the scarf in a v-form, wrap it like a wide choker or even put it around the collar! No matter how you choose to wrap your scarf, the silk adds a delicate and exclusive feel to the classic shirt. Wear the two S’s with wide pants, skinny jeans or even a a-line shirt – but whatever you chose, keep the down part simple so the combo really shows. Except the shoes! Play with them. I went for an open pair in patent leather, with socks. Perfect both for work and drinks AND you can actually survive the whole day!
Happy Friday!

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