I rarely shop on Tax Free Shops and if I do I go directly to my all time favorite products and straight out. But this time we had some extra time in the morning and thank God for that! I came over a new beauty favorite; Tromborg’s Cleansing water – herbal cleansing water to be specific! I’ve noticed lately that my sensitive skin reacts a bit on make up remover wipes, so I spontaneously decided to switch them out and give Tromborg’s natural water a try; and it’s probably one of my best beauty switches! I’ve been using it every night – even in the morning, since it moisturizes as well as removing dirt – and I can really see and feel the different. No more redness after removing the make up and my skin feels softer and smoother. Not to mention the fresh feel you get after using it – probably not so strange it’s full of all refreshing herbs from chamomile to fennel. Definitely a new bathroom must have!