The New Year’s Lifters UNDER 400

We’re soon done with this years festivities, but New Year’s Eve is still left, which is why this weeks focus is still on festive pieces and accessories. And sometimes you only need one specific piece to lift (or better said make) your look to a killer party look. Either it’s a pair of shoes, earrings, pants or a detailed top, good pieces – we can call them statement pieces – are the key. Focus on one or two in your look and keep the rest clean and simple. Combine a smoking blazer or a one-shoulder dress with sparkly earrings or a pair of skipants with some silky slingbacks. Or what about a crossover top with some straight velvet pants? The options are many, just remember choose your ‘lifters’ wisely and let them do the talking! We’ve gathered some of our favorite New Year’s lifters that we’re considering for this New Year’s Eve – and the best thing, they’re all under 400 NOK!
Blazer from H&M, top from H&M, dress from Mango, slingbacks from Zara, skipants from H&M and earrings from Mango.