We know we’re talking a lot about hand luggage beauty, but let’s be honest, isn’t that kind of always a question (and struggle). We all want to look good the whole way, from when we leave the house until we arrive at our final destination; in other words what we choose to bring with us in our hand luggage is absolutely an important matter. Not to mention a hard one. What do we bring and what do we put in out main luggage? We’ve gathered some of our hand luggage must-haves – as well as some news we’ll definitely invest in before our next getaway, that’ll keep you shining all the way. Buy the products directly trough the links below:
1. Brush from AERIN BEAUTY. A Mini brush is all you need to keep your hair in shape the whole way; saves you from flat hair, tangles and helps you make your perfect sleek bun in the end of the travel.
2. Hand cream from BYREDO. No more dry hands thanks to the chrispy flight air. This Byredo hand cream gives the perfect amount of moisture as well as keeping you away from greasy experiences.
3. Small perfume from BYREDO. We all need a dash of nice smell at the end of the day or between the flights and this one does both smell and look good!
4. Face mist from CHANTECAILLE. It won’t ruin your make up, just make you feel and look fresher!
5. Lip balm from EVE LOM. This lip balm has a 3 in one function; saves dry lips, gives a fresh touch and works perfectly as a transparent eye shadow!