Who doesn’t want to look as good as you did when you left home after some hours of travels? Well, we do and we bet you do too! But it’s easier said than done – or is it? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but with the right hairdo you’re long on the way to stay chic and fresh all the way to your final destination. From loose hair, to braids and ponytails; we’ve gathered some of this seasons hottest hairdos that are both super hot as well as practical for a long trip! Which one is your favorite? Or should we say ones?
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1. PONYTAIL: Low, high, parted in the middle or with a heavy side part – even with a bow! A ponytail is always a good idea either way easily because there is nothing called a failed ponytail.
2. BRAIDS: Go for a classic one in the back (tight or sleek), maybe two one the sides or a ponytail braid. Or what a bout a braid knot?
3. SLEEK: A classic straight hairdo might look a bit tired and flat in the end of the day (and after a travel even worst). But if you like to keep your hair down, why not sleek it? First of all it won’t look wrong at the end of the day, since the style is very un-perfect itself AND it makes you stand out – and ready for drinks when you arrive!
4. HEADBAND: Well, who doesn’t hate too much hair in the face when traveling… A headband will do the job! If you’re not comfortable wearing it all the way, why not have it in your bag?
5. KNOTS: The all time favorite comes in a lot of different types. Knot a knot on top of your head, in the back or maybe even two – one on each side. Go for a totally sleek look or a more layed back one with baby hairs and ‘fall out’ parts.