There are no tips like good beauty tips, especially when they come from the professionals in the industry! Working with beauty every day enriches them with a lot of tips and triks we ‘deadly’ have never heard of (or just though of) and the best part is; the tips are actually home-friendly. We’ve chatted with one of Norway’s best hair stylists and makeup artist, Agnes Marie Bjørge Gulbrandsen – founder and owner of Gevir – about her best hair and beauty tips both when traveling and at home!
Which hair and beauty products do you always have with you on holidays and why these?
I’m a beauty junkie! I always bring two large beauty bags and an extra makeup bag.
I’m done with ordinary shampoos. I only use cleansers. My hair has totally changed since I started using it. Cleansers don’t remove the hair’s natural oils and does not open the cuticle. And the result; a far more healthier hair (psst. Anyone who colors their hair or have hair longer than shoulder length should use a cleansing cream). Not to mention your hair dries faster since it does not absorb as much water.
Also I always bring a good hair mask. Salt water opens the cuticle so it’s perfect to take a cure while sunbathing. I cure my hair almost after every wash since I bleach it, have fine hair and i’m styling it a lot.
In my salon I have all my favorite brands – despite the cost. Quality is everything for me, especially when it comes to hair and skin! I love Shu Uemura and Orbi. As well as Kerastase, O&M and Depot, which is a very good mens brand. I often mix brands differently based on what I feel my hair needs at the moment. Now for instance I use Orbi’s Cleansing Creme, Shu Uemura’s ultimate remedy cure and O&M’s saltwater spray. I also use a purple mask from Shu Uemura called Color Luster Cool Blonde, which takes away the yellow pigments. As well as fixing the color it also works as a mask. I use it about once a week in 20 minutes.

And what about beauty and makeup?
When traveling I always use Zo Zen from Dr.Obagi and SPF 50 on my skin, I’ve done it since I was 28.
At home I go to skin care at Elite Health and my favorite Marianne at Clinique Renaissance every fourth week – she makes sure my skin is clean and tight! The best money I spend on myself during the month is with her. As she says; «There is no quick fix, you must care for your skin everyday». The same applies to your hair. Continuity is everything!
How to you keep your skin and body fresh when on vacay?
I sleep a lot with face mask and rub my body with spoil my skin with a pro jar recommended to me by a skin therapist. The whole body receives maximum nutrition. The favorite is Darphin’s Kiwi Hydrating Mask. My body never gets dry and my tan lasts much longer.

And when you come home? Home I rub in the body two times a week with a mask or scrub and the face I scrub every other day and wear a mask two times a week.
Which mask is your favorite?
I have bought many Korean gold masks that I love! My best friend is a model, living in NY and she’s a master when it comes to masks. I often follow her advice when it comes to the Korean types. My favorites are snail masks and gold masks. They act immediately and provide a perfect glow!

What is your best beauty tip?
My best beauty tip is to clean your face every day and actually use money on skin therapists and the products they recommend. They know skin and which type of products your skin needs.
What about the hair; your best tip?
Use a hair mask constantly and oils in wet hair. Always apply a small amount, it’ll help rebuilding and strengthening your hair. I never apply it in dry hair, it becomes oily. Use oils with small molecules that penetrate into the hair. AND use time with your hairdresser and find one that actually takes care of her own hair!
And last, which products do you always take home from travels?
I always buy products when out traveling, usually natural as coconut oils and I’m always looking for something fun and different. Not to mention there are also always many good catches on the world’s pharmacies!