This weekend (not that the others are any different) went away faster than I had time to do all that I wanted to do after a hectic week. BUT I found a little time to do some weekend shopping. We were actually looking for some more stuff to our apartment, but couldn’t deny stopping by Acne Archive when we were in the neighborhood – our neighborhood. And I’m glad we couldn’t; this super timeless shearling coat had to come with me home. It was my size and Belmin (my boyfriend) found two pair of jeans, so he actually couldn’t say anything. I believe we’re square. Coat – jeans. Definitely! Not only is it a coat that are actually ment for this time a year, it’s a all-timer and a all-arounder; perfect to both casual everyday wear, work, Sunday walks and night outs. Yes, I’m trying to find an excuse for why I needed one more coat. It worked right? Have a beautiful Sunday evening!