The Dream Destination CAPE VILLA

We’re so in a need of a friendcation! A vacation with a killer friend group to someplace in the middle of nowhere, in a gorgeous stay, with a lot of wine, great food, late nights – and of course a good book or two. And since non of us has explored much of Africa, a visit is a must in the nearest future and we just came over the perfect spot: Cape Villa!
Cape Villa, located in south Africa in Western Cape, is a one of a kind spot not only because of its super modern and clean architecture (that it to die for!), but because of its location. As the owner says: «We’ve got the mountains behind us and the sea in front, giving us gorgeous views and killer sunsets. It’s nature in its purity. That’s what makes the villa so special. It hasn’t been spoiled by civilization yet». Like what more can a group of friends ask for? A location seen only in your dreams, killer nature and a dreamy villa to spend lazy days at. We’re sold!

When it comes to the packing, less is more, both when it comes to the look as well as the packing. Keep it simple by mixing and matching the few garments you bring, like for instance a kaftan over some wide pants, a shirt alone or tucked in a wide shorts or maybe a singlet dress underneath a skirt or by itself. The combinations are many, so leave some garments at home and bring some good books instead – or maybe some more beauty products to spoil yourself with while laying on the sunbed!
Skirt from Balenciaga, dress from Totême, shirt from H&M, swimsuit from Eres, sandals from Zara, Yayoi Kusma book and sunscreen primer from Chantecaille.