Travel Essentials TECH MUST-HAVES

Tech isn’t longer just accessories you bring when traveling; tech is a part of the definition traveling. Either it’s music on your ears or in your surroundings, photos you take and share immediately or save them for your album at home. No one travels without tech – and we of all understand why! Not only does most of what you need/want to bring with you look good and stylish, a lot of them are kind of helpful tools when on the run in a new city. Not to mention they actually helps us make memories – or at least save them – even though we don’t like admitting it! Anyways. We’ve gathered some of our must-have tech tools as well as essentials we really need to invest in before our next trip – we’re talking bracelet-charger level!
Camera from Olympus, light case from LuMee, camera from GoPro, bracelet charger from QBracelet, iPhone case from Gucci, headphones from B&O,
charger from Candywire, smart watch from Fossil, wireless earphones from B&O, folio case from Kate Spade, instant camera from Leica, portable bluetooth speaker from B&O, instant camera from Lomography and instant lab universal.