There is few things more fascinating and praise worthy than street style photographers ability and eye to capture what’s really going on in the streets during Fashion Weeks – as well as reflecting the people attending, their style and personality. Their work is more that just street style as most of us know it; inspiring. It’s also a way of telling the whole story; not only the esthetic one, that’s easy for most of us to capture during a Fashion Week, but the one connected to our feelings related to what’s happening.
Before I get to deep; here are some shots of me and my first look at Oslo Runway, taken by the talented @Le21eme. Better know as Adam Katz Sinding. Cool guy with a different eye – at least he revealed a few things about me trough his shots. 1. I love my iPhone. 2. I have a need to talk. Like almost all the time, if not directly face-to-face, then trough my phone. 3. I was born in black (not literally).
Don’t miss out his site! It’s full of great personalities – and a lot of outfit inspo for the weekend!