Brows has been in the centrum of the beauty world for a while now – and as we can see, they’re not going anywhere! There is just something special about brows. They’re so much more than make-up itself; they frame the face, adds personality to it and it’s actually what makes a face if you ask us (just imagine not having them!). But finding the right shape – which we’ll come back to in another post – and keeping them that way may not always be as simple as it might sound. One day you love them, the other day you’d rather just remove them (or not literally, but you see the point). You know when the left one is perfect and the right one won’t listen – one hair there and another one here. But there is a way around that, or at least a short cut; we’re talking about a good gel to make them listen either you’re working, going out (working out) or traveling. We’ve gathered some favorites and other we’ve got recommended, that are high on our wishlist – and they should definitely be on yours too!