You’ve probably already noticed, but let’s just emphasize it; fall-off jacket’s is the only ‘detail’ you need at the moment. Fall-off jackets? No, it’s not a spesific jacket, it could be anyone. The only thing you need to do is let it fall-off, either it’s on one shoulder, both, to your elbow or just on your shoulders. Whatever you prefer, find comfy or feel like suits the rest of the look; not wearing the jacket how it’s ment to be worn will definitely be the only detail you need to transform your look and make it more playful. And the best part; there are so many ways to style the ‘fall-off jacket’ that even if you’re wearing the same jacket, it won’t look the same. Psst! Try doing it with a long coat or even just a classic shirt – you’ll love how it upgrades your favorite combinations!
Gathered below is 7 perfect ‘fall-off jackets’ we need in our closet NOW:
Printed jacket from Dries Van Noten, denim jacket from Mango, short jacket from Isabel Marant, double-breasted jacket from Zara, bomber jacket from Acne Studios, denim jacket from Topshop and denim jacket from Isabel Marant.