Planning a short getaway to your favorite city this weekend – or maybe next one? If so, we got the ultimate packing list for you! And the best part; it’s full of news you actually need and that are practical for a city getaway. And of course we’ve picked the classics (with a modern touch!) that’ll last more than one season and that can be worn in so many ways that they’ll never bore you! We’re talking about the timeless white shirts – that’s literally ALWAYS in out suitcase no matter where we’re heading to – an all-around top – that works as good for a shopping round as it does for drinks – and of course a hoodie! As well as being the perfect piece to change to after a long day, it’s also THE travel companion and even a great choice if you’re going for a casual dinner when styled with a great midi skirt! And we’re not done yet…

Did we mention we always have a denim jacket with us – when traveling at this time a year of course? No? Well, we do, for two simple reasons: 1. It works to literally everything 2. It’s just genius! You can simple have it in your bag, wrap it around you waist, throw it over your shoulders or wear it when it gets cold. How many looks-in-1? Too many, and there is especially one model we’d love having in our bag (which is by the way also a specific one) and it’s this beauty from KÉJI. We love its clean lines, the dark color (that makes it a bit more wearable) and that its gorgeous for both day and nighttime.
And so to the specific bag: When traveling there is nothing better than a light yet huge bag and this bindle bag from The Row is exactly what we’re talking about. Space for all your travel guides, camera, refreshments and new-ins, as well as it’s a hell of a detail, lifting your look a lot!

And while we’re on must-haves; jeans are never wrong. Especially if they have a loose fit – and a plus for a short cut as well when it’s getting hotter. A good pair of jeans are always a savior and makes you look chic in any situation, either it’s styled with a pair of sneakers or maybe mules when night falls. Speaking about mules; we need these ones from Attico ASAP. The new all-arounder if u ask us!
Skirt from Topshop, jacket from Kéji, shirt from H&M, jeans from Tôteme, top from A.P.C, hoodie from H&M, bag from The Row, earrings from Mango, heels from Attico and sunglasses from Linda Farrow.